Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Manufacturing Industries

Factors In The Location Of Industries

Factors In The Location Of Industries
1. Availability of Raw Material :
It is the major factor affecting the location of the industry. Agrobased industry will be located in agriculture dominating areas where as mineral based industry will be located in the mineral dominating areas.
2. Power :
Power can be transmitted but those industries which consume large quantities of power are located near the source of power.
3. Labour :
Labour intensive industries mostly concentrate in densely populated areas.
4. Transport :
Transport system helps in the movement of goods and raw material.
5. Market :
Nearness to market is essential for quick disposal of manufactured goods and for purchasing raw material. It reduces the cost of transportation.
6. Government Policies :
Government activity in planning the future distribution of industries, for reducing regional disparities, elimination of pollution of air and water and for avoiding their heavy clustering in big cities has become an important location factor.

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