Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Agriculture

Land Reforms

1. Land Reforms :
In order to encourage agriculture government has abolished Zamindari system. Consolidation of fields has also been done. To help the landless workers government has granted them fields.
2. Launching of Irrigation Schemes :
Many multipurpose projects have been constructed to provide power and irrigation facilities to the farmer.
3. Subsidies :
Government is providing subsidies on the agriculture inputs. At present maximum subsidy is being given on fertilizers.
4. Free Power :
Certain states are providing free electricity to the farmers to enhance the agriculture production.
5. Public Procurement System & Agriculture price commission :
In this system declares the price of agriculture product in advance to check the exploitation of farmers by middle men.
6. HYV Seeds & Agriculture Universities :
Goverment is providing HYV seeds to the farmers. Special seminars are also being held. Many new Agriculture Universities have been set up.
7. Crops Insurances & Agriculture Finance :
Indian agriculture is mainly dependent on nature, crops are also being insured due to high risk. Government has established special banks to provide agricultural loans to farmers.

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