Chapter : 1. French Revolution

The Ancient Regime and its crisis

The later part of the eighteenth century saw one of the greatest revolutions which played an important role in the making of the modern world.
The Renaissance in Europe had brought about intellectual freedom and also gave birth to a chain of revolutions, especially in Europe, which destroyed the age-old feudal order and prepared the ground for the development of an industrial society. It gave to the world the ideas of liberty, equality and opened fraternity and opened the flood-gates for the development of an open society.
The Ancient Regime and its crisis
The term 'Old Regime' is usually used to describe the society and inhibition of France before 1789. 'The French Revolution had been building up for many years. The peasant worked from dawn to dusk on land owned by their local lords. Taxes were very high because of wars that France had fought in the 17th and 18th centuries, and because of the extravagance of Louis XIV and Louis XV.

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