Chapter : 1. The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe

The Making Of Germany And Italy

The Making Of Germany And Italy
(i) Germany - Can the Army be the Architect of nation ? :
(1) Nationalist feelings were spreading among middle class Germans, who in 1848 tried to unite the different regions of the German confederation into a nation state governed by an elected parliament.
(2) This liberal initiative to nation building was however, repressed by the combined forces of the monarchy and the military supported by the large land owners (called Junkers) of Prussia. From then on Prussia took on the leadership of the movement for national unification.
(3) The nation building process in Germany had demonstrated the dominance of Prussian state power. The new state placed a strong emphasis on modernising the currency, banking, legal and judicial system in German Prussian measures and procedures often became a model for the rest of Germany.

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