Chapter : 1. The Making of a Global World

Rebuilding a world economy : The post war era

Rebuilding a world economy : The post war era
The second world war started in 1939 and continued upto 1945. The two warring camps were :
(i) The Allies consisting of Britain, France, Russia and the U.S.A.
(ii) The Axis Power consisting of Germany, Italy and Japan.
Once again death and destruction was enormous. At least 60 million people are believed to have been killed, directly or indirectly, as a result of the war. Millions more were injured. Many more civilians than soldiers died from war-related causes. Vast parts of Europe and Asia were devastated, and several cities were destroyed by aerial bombardment or relentless artillery attacks. The war caused an immense amount of economic devastation and social disruption. Two crucial influences shaped post-war reconstruction. The first was the US's emergence as the dominant economic, political and military power in the Western world. The second was the dominance of the Soviet Union.

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