Chapter : 2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

The Vision Of Modernisation

The Vision Of Modernisation
In the late 19th century, resistance to French domination was very often led by Confucian scholar activists, who saw their world crumbling. Educated in the Confucian tradition. Phan Boi Chau was one such nationalist. He became a major figure in the anti colonial resistance from the time he formed the revolutionary Society Duy Tan Hai in 1903.
Other nationalists strongly differed with Phan Boi Chau. One such was Phan Chu Trinh. He was intensely hostile to the monarchy and opposed to the idea of resisting the French with the help of the court. His desire was to establish a democratic republic. He accepted the French revolutionary ideals of liberty but changed the French to not adding by the ideal.
(i) Other ways of Becoming Modern; Japan and China :
(1) Go East Movement : In the first decade of 20th century “Go East Movement’ become popular. In 1907-08, some 300 Vietnamese students went to Japan to acquire modern education. For many of them the primary aim was to drive out the French from Vietnam. These nationalists looked for foreign arms and help. They appealed to the Japanese as fellow Asians. Japan had modernised itself and had resisted colonisation by the west.
(2) In 1911, a Republic was set up in China under the leadership of Sun-Yat-Sen. Association for the Restoration of Vietnam was formed. Now the nature of the anti French independence movement changed. The objective was no longer to set up a constitutional monarchy but a democratic republic.

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