Chapter : 1. French Revolution

Impact Of The French Revolution

The French Revolution is one of the most important events in the world history. After revolution the Republic of France was established and Liberty, Fraternity and Equality became its guiding principles. With the fall of the Bastille, The National Assembly became the supreme power in France. The serfs were set free. The system of forced labour was stopped. Every citizen was given the political and economic rights. The Church was taken over by the State.
In keeping with the slogan of the Revolution, “Liberty, equality, fraternity,” the National Assembly made its famous ‘Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen’. Some of the rights mentioned were.
(a) All men were born free and have equal rights.
(b) All men would have freedom of speech and expression.
(c) Nobody should be punished without a fair and proper trail in a court of law.
(d) The Government would be responsible to the people for all its actions.
The Revolution brought following major changes in the France.
(i) It brought end of absolute monarchy
(ii) It spread the spirit of nationalism and democracy.
(iii) All were given equal rights without discrimination.
A new constitution of Revolutionary France was framed. It was based on the Principles of democracy. The king was reduced to the position of a nominal head of the State. Out of fear, the king and the Queen tried to escape from France in disguise but they were arrested and brought back as prisoners. The Old National Assembly was replaced by a new one. The king and the Queen were tried and executed in 1793.

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