Chapter : 1. The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe

Nationalism And Imperialism

Nationalism And Imperialism
(i) The most serious source of nationalist tension in Europe after 1871 was the area called the Balkans. The Balkans was region of geographical and ethnic variation comprising modern day Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Maedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegorine, Slovenia, Servia and Montenegro whose inhabitants were broadly known as the slavs.
(ii) A large parts of the Balkans was under the control of the Ottoman Empire.
(iii) The spread of the ideas of romantic nationalism in the Balkans together with the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire made this region very explosive.
(iv) All through the 19th century the Ottoman Empire had sought to strengthen itself through modernisation and internal reforms but with very little success. One by one its European subject nationalities broke away from its control and declared independence.
(v) The Balkan people asked their claims for independence or political rights on nationalistic and used history to prove that they had once been independent but had subsequently been subjugated by foreign powers.
(vi) Hence the rebellions nationalities in the Balkans thought of their struggles as attempts to win back their long lost independence.

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