Chapter : 5. Novels, Society & History

Important Terms of Novels Society and History

Important Terms
1. The great European scholar Goethe died in 1832 A.D.
2. The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848 A.D.
3. Dostoevsky’s novel Brothers Karmazov published in 1879 A.D.
4. ‘Anand Math’ by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee was published in 1882 A.D.
5. The great Soviet fiction writer and a critic of modern European culture
Dostoevsky died on 1881 A.D.
6. ‘Geminal’ the novel of French novelist Zola published in 1885 A.D.
7. British novelist of realism William Morris died in 1896 A.D.
8. French representative poet Arthur Rimband died in 1891 A.D.
9. The prominent French representative poet Stepane Mallarme died in 1898 A.D.
10. Tolstoy’s Fiction ‘Resurrection’ was published in 1899 A.D.
11. John Ruskin, British novelist of realism died in 1900 A.D.
12. French Communist novelist Zola died in 1902 A.D.
13. Maxim Gorki an inspiring Soviet writer published his famous novel ‘Mother in 1907 A.D.
14. Italian poet Marinetti published new manifesto of poetry in 1909 A.D.

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