Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Rise of Dictatorships in Italy and German

The inter-war period (1919-1939 A.D.) saw the rise of dictatorships in Italy and Germany. Though the first World War fought to “make the world safe for democracy”, yet the unsettled economic and political conditions after the War paved the way for the termination of democracy in both these countries.
There were several common factors in both Italy and Germany which led to the rise of dictatorship under Fascism and Nazism there. For Example, these factors were (a) dis-satisfaction with humiliating peace treaties; (b) Economic crisis; (c) Inefficient and weak democratic system and (d) Political instability.
Dictatorship is an anti-thesis of democracy. It gives no rights to people, tolerates neither opposition nor criticism. It envisages one party rule, controlled by one leader with total authority

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