Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Hitler’s Foreign Policy

1. Disregarded the Treaty of Versailles : Hitler has started re-armament and compulsory military service in gross violation of the Treaty of Versalilles. He not only stopped the payment of War Indemnity , but also took back the territory of Saar from France in 1934 A.D. In 1936 A.D. German troops re-entered Rhineland and fortified it, while it had been de-militarised by the Treaty of Versailles.
2. An Imperiallist and Expansionist Foreign Policy : Hitler had imperialist designs and wanted to establish the rule of the Swastik over the world. When Hitler declared openly that he would not abide by the Treaty of Versailles, Italy, Czechoslovakia and France entered into a Military Pact against Germany. France also signed a Military Pact with Russia against Germany. Hitler also started group-formation of his own. He concluded an Anglo-German Naval Agreement in 1933 A.D. In 1936 A.D. he made a treaty with Italy, known as the Rome-Berlin and Tokyo Axis. He also concluded the Non-aggression Pact with Russia. After having strengthened his military position, Hitler again attacked Austria on 13th March, 1938 and annexed her to the German empire. He also annexed Sudetanland (a part of Bohemia) in September 1938. He seized a part of Czechoslovakia with the connivance of Britain and France due to the Munich Pact. Both Britain and France adopted a policy of appeasement towards Germany under Hitler. They did not appose him, when he captured rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 A.D.
Fall of Hitler : It was only when Hitler attacked Poland on 1st September, 1939 that Britain and France issued an ultimatum to Germany, which Hitler ignored. Thus began the Second World War in which Germany was totally defeated by the Allied Powers. She surrendered in 1945 A.D. Hitler is said to have committed suicide with his death, Nazism and Nazi dictatorial regime also came to an end.

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