Chapter : 2. Socialism In Europe & The Russian Revolution

Consequences Of The Revolution

(A) Impact on Russia : The Russian Revolution had a great impact on the history of Russia.
1. End of Autocratic Rule : The Revolution put an end to autocratic monarchy in Russia. With the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and his wife, the Romanov dynasty which was in power for the last three centuries came to an end.
2. Establishment of a Socialist Government : The most important result of the Revolution was the establishment of a Socialist Government in Russia. All the means of production were nationalised.
3. Russia’s withdrawl from the War : After the revolution in Russia, Lenin and the Bolshevik Party assumed the state powers. The Russian government decided to withdraw because of the following reasons ;
(i) Most of the revolutionaries thought that the war was being fought to satisfy the imperialistic designs of the Tzar.
(ii) Russia lost his 600, 000 soldiers.
(iii) The new government wanted economic development and modernization of the country. So, it was not possible for them to spend money on war.
4. Industrial Growth and Economic Development : The new government followed socialism. A New Economic Policy was adopted in 1921. Under this policy it was decided to develop the economy through Five-Year Plans. All the means of production were nationalised. With the growth of industrial and agricultural production poverty started disappearing and the country moved on to the path of prosperity.
5. Equal Rights to All the Nationalities : The policy of discrimination towards non-Russian nationalities was abandoned and equality of all the nationalities in the U.S.S.R. was recognised. The Non-Russians were given freedom to develop their languages and cultures.
6. Emergence of Russia as a World Power : The new government adopted the policy of economic development. The new policy promoted the modern technology. It gave a boost to industry and agriculture. Economic and social policies adopted by the government made Russia not only a major power of Europe but of the whole world.

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