Chapter : 4. Print Culture and The Modern World

New Forms of Publication

New Forms of Publication
Printing created an appetite for new kinds of writing. As more and more people could now read, they wanted to see their own lives, experiences, emotions and relationship reflected in what they read.
(i) The novel, a literary firm which had developed in Europe, ideally catered to this need, it opened up new worlds of experience, and gave a vivid sense of the diversity of human lives.
(ii) New literary forms – lyrics, short stories, essays about social and political matters, reinforced the new emphasis on human lives and intimate feelings, about the political and social rules that shaped such things.
(iii) By the end of the nineteenth century, a new visual culture was taking shape. With the setting up of an increasing number of printing presses, visual images could be easily reproduced in multiple copies. These prints began shaping popular ideas about modernity and tradition, religion and politics, and society and culture.
(iv) By the 1870s, caricatures and cartoons were being published in journals and newspapers, commenting on social and political issues. There were imperial caricatures lampooning nationalists, as well as nationalist cartoons criticizing imperial rule.
(a) Women and Print :
(b) Print and the Poor People :

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