Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Main Features Of Nazism And Aims Of Hitler Or The Ideology Of Nazims

Hitler’s cult, his creed and philosophy were called Nazism. The following were its main principles and aims:
1. The people exist for the State, rather than the State for the people. He believed in a Totalitarian State.
2. To tolerate no opposition or criticism and to allow no party formation other than his own.
3. To put an end to parliamentary institutions and the democratic government.
4. To have full control on education, press, radio and other means of propaganda.
5. To crush communism and liberalism.
6. To turn out the Jews from Germany, because they had caused great hardship to German people due to their greed conspiracy, during the first World War.
7. To denounce the Treaty of Versailles as disgraceful and to regain the lost or ceded German territories.

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