History (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Peasants and Farmers

Glossary - Peasants and Farmers

1. Shifting Agriculture : Under this farmers cultivate a land for some time and after the land become infertile they shift to new land.
2. Captain Swing : A mystic name used by poor labourers of England to threaten those who were introducing machines in agriculture.
3. Shilling : An English currency.
4. Great Agrarian Depression : It was a depression which occurred in USA in the 1930’s. It occurred because of surplus production in agriculture and ruined farmers everywhere.
5. Swing movement : It was a movement which was launched by the poor workers of England against the introduction of threshing machines by the rich landlords.
6. Dust Bowl Tragedy : It was a tragedy which occurred in 1930’s. The extensive use of prairies was responsible for the tragedy. Under this black blizzards become common in the Prairies.
7. Bushel : A measure of capacity.
8. Sod : Pieces of earth with grass.
9. Mound : A measure of weight.
10. Opium Trade : The smuggling of opium into China on a large scale in order to its trade more profitable.


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