Chapter : 5. Novels, Society & History

Glossary (Novels, Society & History)

1. Commonality : Sharing of an attribute, common features.
2. Serialised Novel : A novel whose story in published in institution in a magazine or journal.
3. Epic : A long poem narrating adventures or achievement of heroic figure or a nation.
4. Nostalgia : Having a feeling of home sickness - sentimental yearning of the past.
5. Novel : Fictitious prose - Story published as a complete book.
6. Manuscript : Author’s copy; document written by hand.
7. Gentlemanly Classes : Class of well-based people. People of good social position and wealth.
8. Ballads : A poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas.
9. Epistolary Novels : Novels written in the form of series of letters.
10. Grain Merchant : A merchant or trader who deals in grain.
11. Vernacular : The language spoken by common people.
12. Hypocrisy : Insincerity.
13. Colonialism : Policy of acquiring or maintaining colonies.
14. Slave Traders : A traders who buys and sells slaves.
15. Native : Original inhabitant; indigenous.
16. Primitive : Ancient; at an early stage of civilisation.
17. Barbaric : Primitive; savage.
18. Domestic Novels : Novels that depict the inner world of domestic life in contemporary setting, deal with social problem and romantic relationship between men and women.
19. Historical Novels : Novels based on historical events.
20. Kabirlarai : A Bengali word meaning extempore poetry contests.
21. Bhadralok : A Bengali word meaning a gentle man.
22. Jatra : Dramatic performance in open theatres very popular in rural society of Bengal.
23. Colloquial : Belonging to ordinary or familiar conversation; ordinary spoken language not formal or literary.
24. Meyeli : Language associated with women’s speech.
25. Pen-Name : Fictitious name used by an author only for the purpose of writing without exposing one’s identity.
26. Satire : A work or composition which ridicules or exposes folly or vices. Ironical writing.
27. Fantasy : Fanciful composition or writing involving imaginary characters.
28. Autobiographical pieces : Pieces of literature written by an author to narrate the story of his/her own life.
29. Mallas : A community of fisher folk who live off fishing.
30. Protagonist : Chief person or character in the plot of story. Main character of a novel or book.

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