Chapter : 3. Work, Life & Leisure - Cities in Count. World

Reflections of Durgacharans Novel

Reflections of Durgacharans Novel
The novel 'Debganer Martye Aagaman' written by Durgacharan Ray concludes the following aspects of city life by symbolic story of "The Gods Visit Earth".
(a) The positive aspects :
(i) The simple city is changed in to modern metro city.
(ii) The city has the features of big markets having big shops with variety of commodities.
(iii) Bullock cart is replaced by variety of means of transport such as water ways on river. Ganges, trains buses etc.
(iv) There was a High court and a remarkable museum.
(v) Flourished trade and commerce, schools and collages for education and variety of job opportunities.
Besides these features Calcutta city changed a lot.
(b) The Negative aspects :
(i) Anti social activities like theft and cheating were also growing.
(ii) The extreme gap between poor and rich.
(iii) Big industries spoiled the environment. Problems of sanitation and poor housing were also there.
(iv) Distinction on the basis of caste, creed and gender – the predominant features of Hindu society were in a changed position.
(v) The city was in transitional state having contradictory experience such as extreme wealth and poverty, opportunities and frustration, glamour and dirt. God Brahma was cheated while buying the glasses.
The creator of world, Brahma was astonished by the splendid form of city as cited in the novel of Durga Charan Ray.

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