Chapter : 3. Nationalism in India

Important Terms of Nationalism in India

1. Anti-partition Movement begun in Bengal in 7, Aug., 1905 A.D.
2. The partition of Bengal was implemented in 16 Oct., 1905 A.D.
3. ‘National Education Council’ was founded in 15 Aug., 1906 A.D.
4. After the Partition of Bengal Tilak was sentenced with two years imprisonment in 1908 A.D.
5. Attempt was made to assassinate Governor of Bengal Dec. 1907 A.D.
6. Muslim league was formed in 1906 A.D.
7. Congress spilt into two wings as Moderates and Extremists 1907 A.D.
8. V.D. Savarkar found revolutionary organization named ‘Abhinove Bharat’ in 1909 A.D.
9. The Morley-Minto Reforms psssed in 1909 A.D.
10. Hindu Mahasabha was found in 1909 A.D.
11. Partition of Bengal was annulled in 1911 A.D.
12. The paper ‘al-Hilal’ started by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad 1912 A.D.
13. Turkey went to war against the Balkans in 1912-1913 A.D.
14. First World War began in 1914 A.D.
15. First session of Hindu Mahasabha held in 1915 A.D.
16. The Home Rule League were founded in 1915-1916 A.D.
17. Indian revolutionaries settled in America and Canada found the Ghadar Party in 1913 A.D.
18. Ghadar Party had decided an armed revolt in Punjab in 21 Feb., 1915 A.D.
19. Agreement was made between two wings of the Congress and the Muslim league in 1916 A.D.
20. Anne Besant was made prisnar for initiating Home Rule Movement 1917 A.D.
21. Constitutional reforms were put forward in 1918 A.D.
22. Gandhiji returned from South Africa in 1915 A.D.
23. Gandhiji undertook Champaran Satyagrah in 1917 A.D.
24. Gandhiji intervened a dispute of mill owners and workers in Allahabad in 1918 A.D.
25. The crops of the peasants of Khera district failed in 1918 A.D.
26. Distressed UP peasants organised by Baba Ramchandra in 1918-19 A.D.
27. Gandhian hartal against Rowlatt Act; Jallianwala Bagh massacre in April 1919 A.D.
28. Non-Cooperation and Khilafat movement launched January 1921 A.D.
29. Chauri Chaura; Gandhi withdraws Non-Cooperation movement in February 1922 A.D.
30. Alluri Sitarama Raju arrested ending a two-year armed tribal struggle in May 1924 A.D.
31. Lahore Congress; Congress adopts the demand for ‘Purna Swaraj’ in December 1929 A.D.
32. Ambedkar establishes Depressed Classes Association in 1930 A.D.
33. Gandhiji begins Civil Disobedience Movement by breaking salt law at Dandi in March 1930 A.D.
34. Gandhiji ends Civil Disobedience Movements in March 1931 A.D.
35. Second Round Table Conference in December 1931 A.D.
36. Civil Disobedience re-launched in 1932 A.D.

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