Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Impact Of Nazism & Domestic Policy

Impact Of Nazism
After coming into power, Hitler followed a vigorous domestic and foreign policy.
The following points may be mentioned in this regard :
Domestic Policy
1. Setting up a strong national State of Germany : Germany became a dictatorship, with all powers in the hands of her leader, all opposition parties abolished, criticism disallowed, rights denied to the people, democracy crushed, and a secret police under the name of Gestapo established to spy over everyone. Those suspected of disloyalty to the Fuhrer were executed without a proper trial. The Germans were told that Hitler was Germany and Germany was Hitler. He established the rule of one man, one leader and one party. In this way, national unity was brought about in Germany. The radio, the press and all other means of propaganda were controlled by the State. Even education was re-planned so as to promote Nazism and German nationalism and her unity. Religion too was brought under State control.
2. Economic Reforms and Development Work : Having done all above, Hitler took to reforms and development work. He proceeded to recognize German economy and administration. He created new jobs and expanded the bureaucracy. More factories were started and agricultural farms set up.
The worker were given more facilities, but they were not given the right to strike. Hitler ordered the production of heavy armaments at a large scale and introduced compulsory military service. Under this programme of Militarism, Naval Ships and Aeroplanes began to be manufactured in Germany’s own factories. All these created more jobs for the youth. To keep the workers happy, he kept the prices under control. Import and export were also controlled in order to maintain favourable balance of trade. In the field of public work development, he ordered the construction of government buildings, offices, art galleries, stadia, houses etc.
3. Anti-Jews Policies : The Nazi Party and Hitler showed a great dislike for the Jews. They held them responsible for German defeat in the First World War, due to their betrayal. He put large number of Jews in the concentration camps only because they were Jews. They were denied German citizenship, dismissed from government jobs and prohibited from practising medicine, law and many other professions .

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