History (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. The Making of a Global World

Glossary (The Making of a Global World)

1. Global (world wide) : Involving all countries of the globe.
2. Globalisation : Integrating economy of a country with the economies of other countries under condition of free flow of trade, capital and labour.
3. Cowries : A Hindi word meaning sea shells. These are used in ancient world as form of currency.
4. Silk Route : Route taken by traders to carry silk cargos from China to the west.
5. Spaghetti : A type of noodle popular in Italy.
6. El Dorado : Imaginary land of great wealth fabled land of gold.
7. Plantation : Estate for cultivation of cash crops like tea, coffee, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane etc.
8. Corn Laws : British laws which imposed restrictions on the import of corn.
9. Ecology : Study of organisms in relation to one another and to their surroundings.
10. The Canal Colonies : The colonies/areas irrigated by new canals, where peasants from different parts of Punjab settled.
11. Rinderpest : Cattle Plague - A fast spreading disease among cattle.
12. Rastafaria : A Jamaican sect, the members of which regarded blacks as the chosen people.
13. Chutney Music (Popular music in Trianidad) : Supposed to be the result of cultural fusion.
14. Entrepreneur : One who undertakes commercial enterprise with chance of profit or loss. Start enterprise by himself/herself at his/her own risk.
15. Hosay : A riotous carnival in Trinidad when workers of all races and religions join to celebrate.
16. Coolie : Unskilled native labourers. Indentured Indian labourers were often referred to as coolie in Trinidad.
17. Indigo : Deep violet blue colour.
18. Allies : Before the first world war, Britain, France and Russia formed an alliance and fought together in the first World War. Together they were known as Allies.
19. Central Power : An alliance formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Later Turkey, Fought together in the First World War. Together they were know as Allies.
20. Axis-Power : Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey were known as Axis powers during the Second World War.
21. IMF : International monetary fund.
22. NIEO : New International Economic order.

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