Chapter : 3. Work, Life & Leisure - Cities in Count. World

Political Activities in the City

Political Activities in the City
In the history of London many a time mass movements broke out -
(i) In the severe winter of 1886, the London poor exploded in a riot. There demand was to fulfill the basic needs. They were in terrible conditions of poverty. 10,000 people marched from Deptford to London demanding for relief from poverty.
(ii) (ii) In 1887 - similar riot occurred but police suppressed it brutally. It is known as Bloody Sunday of November 1887.
(iii) (iii) Strike of Dock workers – The silent march by dock workers without any violence or picking of pocket was carried on. This was continued for 12 day by Dock Workers' Union.
(iv) This type of mass movements proved that large masses of people could be drawn into political causes in the city. A large city population was thus both a threat and an opportunity.

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