Chapter : 2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

The Communist Movement And Vietnamese Nationalism

The Communist Movement And Vietnamese Nationalism
(1) In February 1930, Ho Chi Minh brought together competing nationalist groups to establish the Vietnamese communist later its name become Indo-Chinese Communist Party. He was inspired by the militant and demonstrations of the European Communist Party.
(2) In 1940 Japan occupied Vietnam as part of its imperial drive to control socialist Asia. So now nationalists had to fight against the Japanese. Japanese occupied and recaptured Hanoi in September 1945. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam was formed and Ho Chi Minh became its chairman.
(i) The New Republic of Vietnam :
(1) The New Republic of Vietnam faced a number of Challenges.
(2) The French tried to regain control by using the emperor Bao Dai as their puppet. The Vietnamese were forced to retreat to the hills.
(3) At last the French were defeated in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu.
(4) The supreme French Commander of the French armies, General Henry had declared in 1953 that they would soon be victorious. But in May 1954, the Vietnam captured more than 16,000 soldiers of the French army.
(5) North and South Vietnam were split. Ho Chi Minh and the communists took power in the north while Bao Dai’s regime was put in power in the south.
(6) With the help of the Ho Chi Minh government in the north, the National Liberation Front (NLF) fought for the unification of the country.

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