Chapter : 3. Work, Life & Leisure - Cities in Count. World

Important Terms

1. Many decades after the beginning of the industrial revolution, most western countries were largely rural till 1850.
2. More than three quarters of the adults living in Manchester were migrants from rural areas till 1851.
3. One out of every nine people of England and Wales lived in London by 1750.
4. The population of London multiplied four fold between 1810-80.
5. The compulsory Elementary Education Act was passed in 1870.
6. The Factory Acts beginning from 1902.
7. The responsibility for housing the working class was accepted by the British state in 1919-39.
8. ‘Charles Dickens wrote about the massive destruction in the process of construction in 1848.
9. The London poor exploded in riot demanding relief in 1886.
10. A similar riot occurred in late 1887.
11. One fifth of the streets of Paris were Haussmann’s creation by 1870.
12. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote short sketches on urban life in Calcutta in 1962.
13. After the marriage of Britain’s King Charles II to the Portuguese princess the control of Bombay was transferred to Britishers in 1661.
14. Bombay became the capital of Bombay Presidency in 1819.
15. About 1/4 of Bombay’s inhabitants were born in Bombay, the rest came from outside between 1881 and 1931.
16. Bombay was built a dry dock between 1914-18.
17. The film industry employed 520,000 people by 1987.
18. Calcutta became the first city to get smoke nuisance legislation in 1863.
19. The Smoke Abatement Act of 1847 and 1853.

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