Chapter : 2. Socialism In Europe & The Russian Revolution

Social Movement Between 1905-1907

The condition of the common people in Russia was miserable. As discussed above common people were living in terrible poverty whereas wealthy and noble class lived a life of luxury. So worker decided to launch a mass movement.
Main Aims of the Bolsheviks :
1. The party wanted to uproot the autocratic and corrupt Tzarist rule.
2. To end the repression of non-Russian nationalities and granting them the right of self-determination.
3. To introduce eight-hour working day in the factories.
4. To abolish feudal oppression of the peasants.
5. To follow the principle of equality in land distribution.
Russo-Japanese War and its Impact : In 1904 a war had broken out between Russia and Japan. The Russian army was defeated in the war. This terrible and humiliating defeat served a fatal blow to the honour and prestige of Russia. Anti-Czar feelings began to rise among the masses and the people got themselves prepared to uproot the autocratic and corrupt Tzarist government which was responsible for poor economic condition.

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