Chapter : 2. Pastoralists in the Modern World

Pastoralism In Africa

Over 22 million Africans depend on some form of pastoral activity for their livelihood. They include communities like Bedouins, Berbers, Maasai, Somali, Boran and Turkana. Most of them now live in the semiarid grasslands or arid deserts where rain fed, agriculture is difficult. They raise cattle, camels, goats, sheep and donkeys; and they sell milk, meat, animal skin and wool. Some also earn through trade and transport, others combine pastoral activity with agriculture; still others do a variety of odd jobs to supplement their meagre and uncertain earnings from pastoralism.
A. Where have the Grazing Lands Gone?
B. The borders are closed
C. When Pastures Dry
D. Not All were Equally Affected

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