Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Hitler’s Rise To Power Or The Rise Of The Nazi Party

The rise of the Nazi party and the rise of Hitler to power are interlinked. Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 A.D. in Australia. He fought on the German side in the First World War. He got the “Iron Cross” for his bravery.In 1919 A.D., Hitler joined a small political group, called the German Workers Party in Munich. Soon he became its Fuhrer i.e., the leader. He changed the name of the party to National Socialist Party which became more famous by the name of the Nazi Party.
In 1923 A.D., Hitler was arrested and jailed for five years. In the jail, he wrote his famous autobiography named Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
After his release from the jail, Hitler re-organized the Nazi Party from 1925-1929 A.D. A master in the art of propaganda, he defamed the Weimar Republic for the sufferings of the people.
In the election of July 1932, the Nazis polled more than 13 million votes and captured 230 seats in Reichstag. The Nazi Party made the functioning of the coalition government headed by Von Papen impossible. He could not continue for long. Ultimately, President Hidenberg of Germany was compelled by these circumstances to appoint Hitler as the Chancellor (i.e., the Prime Minister) of the coalition government in January, 1933.
Hitler ordered fresh elections to the German Parliament (Reichstag) to be held on March 5, 1933. But before the election, Hitler blamed the opposition, particularly the Communists for this sabotage. He crushed them with a heavy hand.
In such circumstances. Hitler got passed the Enabling Act, which authorised his Government to take any action without the approval of the Reichstag. Thus without even having the majority, Hitler became all powerful. The Nazi regime practically became one-man show. President Hidenberg died on August 2, 1934. On that very day, Hitler combined in his own persons the officers of the Chanceller (i.e., Prime Minister) and the President. From then onwards he assumed the title of the Fuhrer i.e., Leader and became the absolute dictator of Germany.

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