Chapter : 5. Novels, Society & History

Novels for the Young

(e) Novels for the Young :
(i) Novels for young boys idealised a new type of man : someone who was powerful, assertive, independent and daring. Most of these novels were full of adventure set in places remote from Europe. Books like R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island (1883) or Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book (1894) became great hits.
(ii) G.A. Henty's historical adventure novels for boys were also widely popular during the height of the British empire. They aroused the excitement and adventure of conquering strange lands. They were always about young boys who witness grand historical events, get involved in some military action and show what they called 'English' courage.
(iii) Love stories written for adolescent girls also became popular in this period, especially in US, notably Ramona (1884) by Helen Hunt Jackson and a series entitled "What Katy Did" (1872) by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, who wrote under the pen-name Susan Coolidge.

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