Chapter : 1. French Revolution

Impact Of The French Revolution

(A) The Reign of Terror : The period in between 1793-94 is referred as the 'Reign of terror'
(i) During this period Robespierre, who was the head of the government of France followed a policy of severe control and punishment.
(ii) Ex-nobles and clergy, even members of his own party who did not agree with his methods were arrested, imprisoned and then guillotined.
(iii) France witnessed the guillotine of thousands of nobles and innocent men who supported monarchy
(iv) Robespierre issued laws placing a maximum ceiling on prices. Churches were shut down.
(v) Finally Robespierre was guillotined in July 1794.
(B) A Directory Rules France :
The reign of terror ended in 1794. The Jacobin government fell, and a new constitution was prepared by an elected convention providing for a republican form a government with a legislature and an executive body called the Directory. Directory was an executive made up of five members. Directors often clashed with the legislative councils, who then sought to dismiss them. The political instability of the Directory paved the way for the rise of a military dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte.

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