Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Glossary - Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Important Personalities :
1. Adolf Hitler : Founder of the Nazi Party, he led Germany during the second World War and committed suicide on 30th April 1945.
2. Frankin D. Roosevelt : The only American President to enjoy four successive terms in office. He led the U.S.A. during the Second World War and introduced the New Deal.
3. General Von Paulus : Commander of the German 6th army which was forced to surrender at Stalingrad in February 1943. This defeat shattered belief in the invincibility of Hitler’s army.
4. President Harry S. Truman : The American President who was responsible for dropping two atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and forcing Japan to surrender thus bringing the Second World War to an end.
5. Winston Churchill : A great leader, author and orator, he led Britain to victory during the Second World War.
6. General Tojo : The Prime Minister of Japan who adopted an aggressive foreign policy and was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbour which brought America into the second World War.

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