Chapter : 3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Glossary - Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler

Important Dates and Events :
1914 : First World War begins
1918 : Weimer Republic is established
1919 : Treaty of Versailles was signed by Germany. Hitler joins the ‘National Socialist Germany Workers Party’.
1929 : The Economic Depression occurs in U.S.A.
1933 : (a) President Roosevelt introduces the New Deal to deal with the Economic Depression.
(b) Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
1934 : Hitler becomes President of Germany.
1935 : (a) Italy attacks Ethiopia
(b) Anglo-German Naval Agreement signed between Britain and Germany.
1936 : (a) A new constitution is introduced by Stalin
(b) Hitler occupies the Rhineland.
(c) Civil War starts in Spain
1937 : (a) Japan attacks China
(b) Anti-Comintern pact signed by Germany, Japan and Italy
1938 : (a) Hitler’s troops march into Austria
(b) Munich pact is signed. German troops acquire Sudetenland.
1939 : (a) Germany attacks Czechoslovakia
(b) Soviet Union signs non-aggression pact with Germany
(c) 1st September : Germany invades Poland
(d) 3rd September Britain and France declare war on Germany
1940 : (a) Italy declares war on Britain and France
(b) Battle of Britain begins
(c) Italy attacks Egypt
(d) Germany invades Norway and Sweden
(e) France surrenders.
1941 : (a) 8th April : Germany invades the Balkans
(b) 22nd June : Germany invades the Soviet Union
(c) 15th September : Siege of Leningrad by the Germans
(d) 7th December : Japan attacks Pearl Harbour.
America Joins the war
(e) 11th December : Germany and Italy declare war on America
1942 : United Nations declaration signed by the representatives of 26 nations
1943 : Germany and Italy defeated by the Allied powers in North Africa
1944 : 6th June : D-Day-Opening of the Second Front
1945 : (a) 25th-26th August : Liberation of Paris
(b) 28th April : Italian partisans shoot Mussolini
(c) 30 April : Hitler commits suicide
(d) 2nd May : Soviet army enters Berlin
(e) 7th May : Germany surrenders
(f) 8th May : VE (Victory in Europe) Day celebrated
(g) 9th May : Stalin announce defeat of the German forces by the Red Army
German naval fleet surrenders.
(h) 6th August : U.S. drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima
(i) 8th August : Soviet Union declares war on Japan
(j) 9th August : U.S. drops atomic bomb on Nagasaki
(k) 14th August : Japan surrenders
(l) 2nd September : The Second World War ends
(m) 24th October : U.N.O. comes into existence

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